Jennifer was living in complete isolation. Aside from church and the occasional run to the grocery store, Jennifer didn’t leave her home. She began to struggle with mental illness and a fear of people that kept her alone. The depression and anxiety got to the point where Jennifer couldn’t leave her bed. She lost her job working from home, and after that she had almost zero human interaction. Jennifer knew there had to be something better for her.

A family friend told Jennifer about Victory Mission and she decided to join the long-term discipleship program. At Victory Mission, Jennifer found freedom and healing from her mental illness in Jesus Christ.

Jennifer began a Coffee Apprenticeship which gave her foundational workforce skills. Jennifer has a natural attention to detail that shined in her role as a Coffee Apprentice. She began delivering coffee to our business partners and customers. Interacting with them boosted her interpersonal skills and with that, her sense of worth.

Jennifer said, “I think [I’m] more confident with myself… being comfortable in Christ helped me to be more aware that we should be living for God, and that helps me interact with other people.” Jennifer is currently in a role as an Administrative Assistant, a role that she never would have desired just over a year ago.

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