There are hundreds of hundreds of different kinds of coffee trees.


Within the Arabica family, there are hundreds of hundreds of different kinds of coffee trees!

Each tree has different sized beans & different flavor profiles. There are coffee trees such as the rarer Arabica Geisha which are known for their incredibly fruity coffees. To compare is Arabica Typica, which is found all across the world and is one of the most popular kinds of trees.

When coffee is collected from a variety of smallholder farms, this means we often receive coffee from a handful of different trees. This specific information is always available upon request.

A list of other coffee tree varietals we serve throughout our offerings:

  • Bourbon
  • Yellow Bourbon
  • Typica
  • Catuai
  • Caturra
  • Catimor
  • Kents
  • Heirloom
  • Maracaturra
  • Maragogype
  • Blue Mountain

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