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Crafted from a blend of our single origin coffees, this blend is sweet and mild while maintaining the strength expected of espresso.


Equip Coffee is a social enterprise within nonprofit Victory Mission.

Locally roasted, fresh-to-order.

$1 In-Town Delivery within Springfield City Limits.




While the exact blend of single origin coffees we use is a secret, here is something that isn’t: with the earliest machine released in 1884, espresso has been around for over a hundred years. Espresso, or, ‘when something is forced out‘ in Italian, is a condensed, strong beverage. The ratio of coffee to water floats around 2:1–to compare, a typical cup of coffee will sit at a 17:1. Much of the world now cuts the nose-tingling flavor with milk or water.

Espresso has typically been a dark roast. People may be confused at the lighter, sweeter qualities of the coffee presented. We believe that a traditional burnt taste doesn’t have to be present in an espresso blend.

Curious about the taste? We have a number of coffee partners around 417 that serve Equip espresso, such as Big Momma’s Coffee & Espresso Bar, Rise Coffee Co, and Maple Lane Bakery. If you’re too far, then grab a sampler, and be prepared to open the eyes of your tastebuds.




Your coffee is packaged by incredible, eager apprentices!

Apprentices at Equip are men and women leaving traumatic circumstances such as homelessness, felonies, or abuse. They are learning essential skills, breaking cycles, and given tools to lead wildly successful lives.

Equip Coffee is a social enterprise within nonprofit Victory Mission.

All income returns to Victory Mission, provides work to our apprentices, pays fair wages to coffee farmers, & supports local, expert roasters.


  • Deliveries can be made to any home, apartment, or business.
  • Deliveries available within 10 miles of packaging facility at Victory Mission.
  • Deliveries occur every THURSDAY, any time between 9am-5pm. If you are not present, we will leave your coffee tied to your doorhandle unless instructed otherwise.
  • Please share specific delivery instructions in the ‘notes’ before checkout.

Would you like to organize a regular, convenient delivery of our coffee? SUBSCRIBE.

  • Our shipments will be packaged within 1-5 business days of purchase.
  • Our apprentices are eager to ship your coffee – please be patient with our workload!
  • Shipments can be made anywhere within the United States.
  • Notes can be added for no additional cost. Please write your small message before checkout, formatted like so: “Please write: _________”
    • (Otherwise, we don’t know if the ‘Thank you’ is for your recipient or for us!)

Would you like to organize a regular, convenient delivery of our coffee? SUBSCRIBE.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in
Ground or Whole

Whole Bean, Ground for Drip, Ground for Other – write in notes


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