After spending most of his 20s and 30s in prison, Greg knew he needed something different. He moved from California, where he had earned his charges, to Missouri. In Missouri, he went to college and started a family. Greg realized that although he had changed his environment, not much about his heart had changed. He was living the same lifestyle. When hard times struck, Greg found himself at Victory Mission, where he became involved in the Restoration Program.

Between his five stents in prison, Greg wasn’t working long enough to establish a career. He oftentimes found it easier to be in relationships with women who could help pay for the things he needed.

Once he arrived at Victory Mission, Greg’s experience with work started to change. He began workforce development classes and new opportunities surfaced. At 42, Greg took part in his first-ever interview.

Greg was offered an apprenticeship as a driver at Victory Mission. Part of his job duties included running delivery routes for the coffee social enterprise. Greg expressed that he enjoyed meeting new people and spreading joy to customers. “People were always happy to see me with their coffee orders,” he shared.

During his apprenticeship, Greg learned how to interact with others more gently. At one time in his life, his focus was often inward. He learned to spread kindness and how to care for others in his work. With others and with his responsibilities, Greg learned how to become more intentional.

Today, Greg works for SMC in the shipping and receiving department. He loves his job. Greg is a hard worker who is highly-motivated. His attention to detail, consistent performance, and punctuality has earned him promotions very quickly. Greg is teachable and he leads others well. He’s thriving in his new environment.

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